US, Taiwan deployed troops to an archipelago near the South China Sea

(STL.News) Taiwan’s military has dispatched more of Marine Corps to China-claimed Dongsha Islands in the South China Sea after reports surfaced that Beijing is planning to carry out a simulated invasion in the atolls, according to Taiwan News.

Earlier on Thursday, the US defense minister, warned China not to threaten other countries and also guard international routes not to create disputes.

On the same day the PLA Navy will conduct live fire drills near China’s Hainan Island to simulate an invasion of Dongsha Islands.


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US Navy Placed a $9.4 B Order for Submarines

(STL.News) The U.S. Navy has placed a $9.4 billion order with General Dynamics Electric Boat for the first Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine.

The deal includes funds to finish construction of the future USS Columbia and buy materials for the second one – the future USS Wisconsin.

Rear Adm. Scott Pappano, program executive officer for Columbia, said during a briefing with reporters that the Columbia-class “will be the largest, most advanced, most capable submarine ever produced by this nation,”

The U.S Navy and Electric Boat have been building prototypes of unique parts of the new submarine for a number of years.

Pappano said. “We’ve done quite a bit of early advanced procurement and construction to shake out the defense industrial base,”

The Columbia-class is being built by General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut and U.S. shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding division in Virgi

US and Philippines Blow Up China Fishing Boat

(STL.News) The Philippine government has reportedly backed down on a plan to deploy fishermen as militia forces in disputed parts of the South China Sea citing concerns about the potential for conflict with China.  In a briefing on November 5, President Rodrigo Duterte’s National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon said that the plan designed to beef up its defenses after years of Chinese intimidation in disputed areas, had not been finalized due to worries that the action could be misconstrued.

Last month, Philippine defense officials said they were considering recruiting fishermen into seaborne militia units similar to those used by Beijing to assert its claims over the resource-rich seaway.  The plans prompted one prominent Filipino observer to predict a gray zone’ arms race in Southeast Asia. On October 12, Navy chief Vice Admiral Giovanni Bacordo told a senate finance committee hearing about the navy’s plans to assemble maritime CAFGUs

US Testing the Largest $200 Million Drone: Meet the RQ-4 UAV

(STL.News) Welcome back to the Daily Aviation for a new documentary video about the US AirForce Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk + the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper and General Atomics MQ-1 Predator.

Footage Credit: US Air Force ,Derivative Work by The Daily Aviation

Thumbnail Credit: US Air Force , Derivative Work by The Daily Aviation


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Japan Could Procure “Super-Destroyers” for Aegis BMD

(STL.News) Defense Updates released the following video with comments:

  • Silent Sentinel Inc. wins “Build the Base of the Future” Challenge
  • North Korea on the way to strengthen nuclear deterrent
  • India to have theatre commands to manage battle space
  • Iran’s underground missile facility now has railway-type transport system
  • TU-160M BlackJack gets new engine
  • Japan could procure “Super-Destroyers” for aegis BMD
  • US Navy’s new attack submarine will be wilder

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China Deploys Military, Ready to Fight US Over Taiwan Dispute

(STL.News) W4r Is Declared China Deploys Military Power, Ready to Fight US Over Taiwan Dispute – WORLD W4R 3 fears have been synonymous with China in recent years, as tensions with the US in the South China Sea and Taiwan risk unintended conflict. However, this message has not yet reached Beijing, as the Chinese military has dispatched Military Power to Taiwan in increased aggression.


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Taiwan Eyeing F-35 jets to Fight J-20 amid Rising Tensions China

(STL.News) Taiwan Eyeing F-35 jets to Fight J-20 amid Rising Tensions China – The Taiwanese Military has said it plans to acquire the F-35 stealth fighter to maintain air superiority over China as the F-16V it has approved to buy from the US would be a match for the Chinese J-20 stealth jets.


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