US Department of State: Fact Sheet Released

Release of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy-Republic of Korea New Southern Policy Joint Fact Sheet

Washington, DC (STL.News) The US Department of State released the following statement:

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Japan and Korea Marc Knapper and Republic of Korea Director-General for North American Affairs Ko Yunju met in Seoul on November 13.  They discussed the release of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy-ROK New Southern Policy Joint Fact Sheet and our countries’ enduring commitment to creating a safe, prosperous, and dynamic Indo-Pacific region based on the principles of openness, inclusiveness, transparency, respect for international law, and ASEAN centrality.

DAS Knapper and DG Ko agreed that the U.S.-ROK Alliance, which serves as the linchpin for regional peace and security, should continue to be utilized to enhance the region’s economic prosperity; champion good go

Vermont Governor Issued Statement For Veterans Day

Montpelier, VT (STL.News) Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement:

“It’s been 102 years since the Armistice of 1918 drew the first World War to an end.  Each year since, we have used this day to honor our veterans, their families, and their incredible contributions to the American story.

“From Lexington to Baghdad, those who came to the defense of America have done so to secure, protect and advance the ideals on which our nation was founded.

“Today, it’s important for all of us to remember that those principles – life, liberty, equality, democracy and justice – have never been guaranteed.  Instead they’ve been hard won by those we’re honoring today, through the selfless acts of heroism and the day-to-day efforts of America’s veterans.

“As we honor them today, let’s remember what patriotism truly looks like;  let’s use their example to uni

Texas Governor Statement On Death of Houston Police Sergeant Rios

AustinTX (STL.News) Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement after it was reported that Houston Police Sergeant Sean Rios was shot and killed yesterday afternoon:

“With heavy hearts, Cecilia and I ask our fellow Texans to join us in prayer for the family, colleagues, and friends of Sergeant Sean Rios in their time of need,” said Governor Abbott.  “The State of Texas stands ready to assist the Houston Police Department in bringing those responsible for this heinous crime to justice.”

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Nebraska Governor Ricketts & First Lady Shore to Quarantine

LINCOLN, NE (STL.News) Today, the Office of Governor Pete Ricketts issued a statement following news that the Governor and First Lady Susanne Shore had come into close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus.

“On Sunday night, Governor Ricketts and the First Lady joined three people for dinner outside,” said Taylor Gage, Director of Strategic Communications.  “One of the people they joined tested positive for coronavirus on Monday.  Both the Governor and First Lady will quarantine for 14 days.  Neither the Governor or First Lady are showing any symptoms, and they will get tested at the appropriate time.  The Governor will host his Tuesday and Thursday coronavirus briefings virtually.”

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Washington Governor Statement of Biden and Harris

Washington Governor Inslee statement on President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris

Olympia, WA (STL.News) Washington Governor Jay Inslee made the following statement today congratulating President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on winning the popular vote and the Electoral College.

“The American people have spoken.  My heartfelt congratulations go out to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on receiving more votes than any presidential ticket in history and, with it, a clear majority of votes in the Electoral College.  I am extremely optimistic about America’s future under their leadership.

“The Biden-Harris administration will restore our nation to its principles, with respect for the rights of each and every American regardless of personal opinion or patronage.  Preside

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Issues Statement on Keeping Peace in Portland

Salem, OR (STL.News) Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement today:

“Two groups gathered in downtown Portland last night.  One group demonstrated peacefully for hours by the waterfront.  Their clarion call advocating for racial justice and Black lives has resonated with Oregonians and driven real reform over the past several months.

“Unfortunately, a second group of self-styled anarchist protesters, some armed, also marched downtown last night, with no discernible goal other than to cause violence and vandalism.

“They shattered the windows of a church that feeds Oregonians in need, a women-owned and operated business that raises money for immigrant and women’s rights, and many other storefronts.

“Indiscriminate destruction solves nothing.  These are acts of privilege.

“At the request of the Joint Incident Command protecting free speech and keeping the peace in P

Washington Governor Inslee statement on continued ballot counting

Olympia, WA (STL.News) Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statement today as the country waits for votes to be counted.

“There was always a possibility we wouldn’t know who would win the presidency on election night.  More Americans this year have voted early and by mail than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Those votes were legal, duly-cast and must be counted, even if it takes some time.

“Local election officials across Washington worked tirelessly to ensure this was a secure election and that every legal vote was counted – and there has been no information to suggest otherwise in our state or nationally.

“States control elections, not the federal government.  We know that counting continues until every ballot is tallied.  This is how elections have always worked and the process must be respected.

“I call on elected officials across the country, regardless of party, to sta

Oregon Governor Kate Brown Issues Statement on Election Day: Vote!

Salem, OR (STL.News) Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement:

“Today is Election Day.

“In Oregon, voting is a part of who we are.  Women were voting in Oregon nine years before the ratification of the 19th Amendment.  We were the first state in the nation to institute voting by mail, and the first state to establish automatic voter registration.

“As history has proven, Oregonians believe that every person’s voice should be heard in free and fair elections.

“Now, 92% of eligible Oregonians are registered to vote.  Many are casting a vote for their first time in 2020.  After setting a turnout record in the spring primary election, Oregonians are showing up in record numbers again to vote.  We’ve already seen 2.1 million Oregonians cast their ballots.

“With only 0.0001% of fraud according to the Secretary of State’s office, we have a proven system that Oregonia

US Department of State: Antigua and Barbuda’s National Day

Washington, DC (STL.News) The US Department of State released the following statement:

On behalf of the government of the United States and the American people, I congratulate the people of Antigua and Barbuda on your 39th anniversary of independence.

As regional partners, our countries are working together to increase security, expand prosperity, and uphold democratic values.  We are proud of the U.S.-Caribbean Resilience Partnership that strengthens our preparedness for hurricanes and other natural disasters.  The United States’ and Antigua and Barbuda’s collaboration through the USAID Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Early Learners program has impr

Utah Governor Office: The First Lady’s Statement On The Passing Of Collin Kartchner

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (STL.News) The First Lady, Jeanette Herbert has issued the following statement regarding the death of Collin Kartchner.

“Our family was deeply saddened to hear of Collin’s death.  He was an incredible advocate for our youth and was one of the favorite speakers at our Uplift Families Parent Conferences.  He had an immense impact on many families — not only in Utah, but worldwide.  Collin taught us to be present, to put down our devices, and to safeguard our children from social media.  The entire Herbert family prays for Collin’s sweet wife, Elizabeth and their children.  We know Collin’s legacy will live on through them, and through the countless families he inspired.  The governor and I send our sincere condolences at this time.”

Oregon Governor Kate Brown Issues Statement On Chernaik v. Brown Decision

Salem, OR (STL.News) Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement today, after the Oregon Supreme Court issued its decision in the Chernaik v. Brown case:

“As I have said throughout this legal process, I agree with the plaintiffs, and other young people across Oregon and the world, when they say there is an urgent need for climate action.

“The unprecedented wildfires that raged across the West this year should have been a wake-up call for everyone:  we need to be taking impactful steps immediately to address climate change.  That’s why I took executive action in the spring to reduce Oregon’s carbon emissions, after Republican legislators walked out two years in a row to block climate action legislation.  At every turn, the industries that are dependent on polluting the climate have tried to delay action—placing the health and economic burdens of climate change onto O

Texas Governor Abbott Statement On Death Of Houston Police Sergeant Harold Preston

Austin, TX (STL.News) Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement after it was reported that two Houston Police Officers were shot in the line of duty this morning.  Sergeant Harold Preston has died, and Officer Courtney Waller remains in the hospital with injuries.

“Our hearts are with the family of Houston Police Sgt. Harold Preston who was shot and killed in the line of duty this morning,” said Governor Abbott.  “This tragic loss is a grave reminder of the dangers our brave law enforcement officers face while keeping our communities safe.  Cecilia and I ask our fellow Texans to join us in lifting up Sgt. Preston’s family in prayer in their time of need.  We also ask all Texans to pray for the speedy recovery of Houston Police Officer Courtney Waller who was shot while responding to the same incident and is recovering in the hospital.  The state stands ready to assist the Houston P